The California Secretary of State respects your right to privacy when viewing pages on our Internet site. We do not monitor or collect any information on individual visitors to our Internet site except in certain instances when technical assistance may be needed.

To ensure that our site is accessible to as many people as possible, we do monitor the aggregate number of visitors to the different pages on our site and also keep track of the various types of web browsers used by our customers.

Unless excluded by the California Public Records Act or other state law, most of the information contained on documents filed at the Secretary of State's office, either electronically or in person, is open to the public. This Privacy Statement does not alter the public accessibility of that information.

Voter Registration Information

The voter registration rolls are not available to the general public. However, California law allows certain voter information to be released to a member of the California Legislature or U.S. Congress, or to any candidate, any committee for or against a proposed ballot measure, any person for election, scholarly, journalistic, or political purpose, or for governmental purposes. Even in these cases, a few items remain confidential and are never provided to any requestor: your social security number, your driver license number, and your signature.